Pink or Purple Uplighting

The uplights come with a "magenta" pre-set. This color is the hardest to describe because ambient light can really strongly effect how your uplighting looks. In some venues it may look more pink and in others more purple. Other things like personal preferences (is that pink or purple to you?), and camera settings can really change the look of the magenta. The good news is you can start with the easy pre-set ("C5"), and then if you don't like it you can adjust using the custom color feature.

Here's how you make the lights magenta:
1. Plug uplight in. Wait 1-2 seconds for it to light up.
2. Press the Menu button a few times until you see "C".
3. Press the "up" or "down" keys to change through the color choices. When you get to C5 press "enter" to set the color to magenta.

Here are some photos sent in from our customers who have used the magenta color setting:

26 lights set up in the Anchusa Ballrooom at the Saguaro Hotel in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Lindsey from Virgina sent in this super helpful comparison photo. She did an awesome job using only 8 lights to (in her words) "transform a boring white room into a purple fairytale".

Uplighting set up around the DJ and Dance floor area at the River Valley Club in Lebanon, NH. Uplighting is perfect for dance parties!

Weddings Unlimited by UYD sent in this photo from one of a few weddings they recently rented lights for. They had multiple events over a 2 week period so they were able to extend their first rental for an additional week. This saves lots of money and is 1 less trip back to a UPS drop-off place to return them. If you have multiple events over back-to-back weekends, email customer service to get an extension on your rental to save big on your wedding and event lighting!

DIY uplighting rented 12 up lights to the happy couple for their reception at the Harrison Room in Harrison City, PA.

10 uplights set to magenta and spaced along the back wall of the Eubie Blake Center in Baltimore MD

Great photo from an annual christmas concert. They rented 20 uplights and had this to say: "here's a photo of our concert (Advent/Christmas) on Dec 6th 2015 at Our Lady Of Mount Carmel Church in the Bronx NY the church is 100 years old and very beautiful and ornate. the colors of Advent are Purple or Blue. We decided to go with Purple. we used 20 LED uplights to create the right spiritual tone to the season ... the comments we got about the ambiance we created inside the church for this concert was awesome. thank you for your great service. we plan to use your services again in the future. to read more about the concert... here's the link:"

20 lights worked out nicely for this retirement party at the Louis Gunning Safe Room in Natchez, Mississippi.

Nice photo sent in of a couple sharing their first dance with uplighting helping to set the romantic mood in the background. This wedding was held at the Best Western Gateway Grand in Gainesville, Florida using uplights set to the Magenta setting.

20 LED lighting units spaced around the American Legion in Fairfax, VA for a Quince party.

Do it yourself uplighting rentals shown here in 2 scenario's - lights on (early in the event) and lights off (later in the evening). 15 lights are shown here lighting up Cedars Hall in Waterbury, CT.

Uplighting adds a magical touch! Check out the Lincoln Banquet Center in Lincoln, Illinois all lit up with only 8 uplights.

20 lights lit up this tent in Shepard, Michigan

If you don't really want to mess around with the advanced custom color features, then our friends over at Pro Lighting Rental offer RGBA lights with a good purple. Or they also have RGBAW lights which have 63 awesome colors to choose from. You can rent those here: uplights with 63 colors.

Make a reservation

Please book as early as possible. Availability is limited. You can reserve uplights with only a $25 deposit. Fill out this form to check availability and reserve your DIY uplighting:

If your event date is available, a Rental Agreement will be automatically generated for you. Just fill it out and you'll be all set to "DIY" your event lighting!

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