color choices

There are 7 colors that come included and are available through the pre-select menu on each rental uplight.

You set the color yourself using the digital display built-into each light.

The color choices are:
C1 -> Red (photos of red uplighting)
C2 -> Green (photos of green uplighting)
C3 -> Blue (photos of blue uplighting)
C4 -> Cyan (this is like a light blue/teal - see photo examples )
C5 -> Magenta (this color can sometimes appear purple and sometimes more pink depending on the ambient light in your room. view purple and pink uplighting photos)
C6 -> Yellow (photos of yellow uplighting)
C7 -> White (photos of white uplighting)

To get an idea of how the colors look, check out photos sent in by our customers.

Here's how to set a color:
1. Plug light in. Wait 1-2 seconds for it to light up.
2. Press the Menu button a few times until you see "C".
3. Press the "up" or "down" keys to change through the color choices.
4. Press "enter" to set your color.

Custom Colors
You can also customize the colors by setting a specific RGB value. Here's a little cheat sheet we put together to help with some up lighting color choice suggestions: custom color codes page.

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