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Before calling in, save yourself some time and check out the Frequently Asked Questions for instant answers to the most popular questions.

Manage your reservation:

Change the number of lights you reserved

Update or change your credit card

Cancel your reservation

Help with your return:

Lost return shipping label?

Troubleshooting/Technical Difficulties:

How to select a color
How to customize colors
Videos showing how to operate and setup lights

If you have a light that's not working, you can report it by sending an email to [email protected] You will get a refund for any non-functioning unit. We do not send out replacements.

You do not need to report any shipping damage. The lights should still work fine, and you won't get charged for shipping damage.

Where to find other types of event lighting:

If you are looking for additional rental equipment, here is where we recommend you can rent for the best prices:
Wireless Uplights
Monogram/Gobo Lighting
Marquee Letters
Bliss Lights (Starry Nights)
UV / Black Lights
Outdoor Uplighting
Pin Spots

Contact Us:

Email: [email protected]

Phone: (773) 917-8235

We ship lights nationwide from Chicago, IL.

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