popular questions about renting uplights

Is this really that easy to do?
Yes. The catch is that you'll need a dependable friend or relative to set-up the lights and then pack them up and ship them back to us at the end of your event. Check out the video's which features some great set up overviews and tips to make everything go smooth.

How much are the lights to rent?
$17 each. Email Me a Quote

I've heard that par cans get really hot and can cause fires and/or electrical problems.
This is true for traditional par cans. We only ship out more modern LED lights. They use very minimal power and do not get hot at all. You can have them on for your entire event!

Do you rent indoor or outdoor lights?
These lights are for indoor use only. They are not weather-proof. If they get wet that is a major electrical fire hazard. PLEASE DO NOT USE OUTSIDE. Tents are okay as long as it is completely covered and the lights are kept totally dry. If you need outdoor lights, you can rent them at ProLightingRental.com.

How many lights should I rent?
For best results, space each light approximately 6-12 feet away from each other. The closer you put them, the more of an even wash of color you will get. Some people rent just a few to highlight certain areas of a room. Other people want to light a whole room and will rent 20-30. All depends on the look you want to create. Read this article for more help and remember, always better to have more than you need than not enough. Here are some more tips for a successful rental

What length power cable is provided? Will I need any additional cords?
15 foot power cables are included with each light. As long as you are spacing your lights less than 15 feet away from each other (or 15 feet from an electrical outlet), then you will not need any additional cords.

What if a light does not work?
Email customer service at [email protected] to receive a refund for the defective light. We do not send out replacement lights. Its strongly recommended to book a few more lights than you absolutely must have.

I am a decorator (or wedding planner, party planner, venue manager, florist, DJ, etc) and I want to sell this service to my clients. Can I rent the lights from you?
Absolutely! This is a great way to add an additional revenue stream to an existing event business without a large initial upfront investment. We even have an affiliate program set up so you can make a little extra money renting our lights.

What is your cancellation policy?
You may cancel at any time before the lights are actually shipped to you. The $25 reservation fee is non-refundable. If you would like to cancel your reservation, just fill out the quick form located here: https://www.diyuplighting.com/cancel

What happens if a light is lost or damaged?
A credit card number is required for all orders. Your credit card will be charged to cover the replacement cost of the missing/damaged equipment. The replacement cost of a light is $85, and the power cable is $10.

When should I reserve the lights?
As soon as you decide you would like to rent them for your event. Availability is limited, but you can reserve your date as far in advance as you like with a $25 deposit. We only charge $25 of your rental order when you submit the rental agreement. We charge the remaining balance when we ship the actual lights. Please note, the $25 is a non-refundable reservation fee.

What colors are included?
We love the lights that we rent because there are 7 built-in colors that are super easy to select. Here is a video showing the built-in colors:

Are any other colors available?
In addition to the built-in colors, you can also enter in specific RGB values to get the precise color you're looking for. More information about setting custom colors including a video to show you how

There is also a couple newer lighting fixtures available that you can rent from ProLightingRental.com. There is a bigger and brighter light that offers 13 color preset choices (including Amber, Purple and Pink!) plus another option that has 63 color pre-sets including Amber, Purple, Pink, Warm White and many others. Those lights are a couple dollars more to rent each, but they are a bit brighter and offer much better color output specifically for Amber and Whites (and white is important for making colors like Light Pink).

What Specific LED light will be sent?
We currently rent the Chauvet Slim Par 56 LED light. Here is what each light looks like:

Chauvet Slim Par Rent

How easy are they to set-up?
Very easy. Here is a video showing how to use them:

and here's another....

Do you rent any other lights?
DIYUplighting.com focuses completely on providing the best and most affordable solution for uplighting. If you are looking for anything else, like custom gobo monograms, wireless uplighting, marquee letters, brighter led lights, outdoor lighting, Bliss Lights, pin spots (cake lights), or some pretty awesome moving lights then we recommend ProLightingRental.com.

Where do you provide rental lighting services and how long will they take to get to me?
We rent and ship only within the continental United States. Check to see the approximate shipping time, by selecting your state:

Washington, D.C.
New Hampshire
New Jersey
New Mexico
New York
North Carolina
North Dakota
Rhode Island
South Carolina
South Dakota
West Virginia

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