red Uplighting

Create a red lighting effect with our LED up light rentals. Rent for only $17 each + free shipping both ways! Easy "DIY" project for weddings, parties, and special events or anywhere you want to transform your space with red light.

Red is included as one of the 7 color presets. Even better, if you decide you want to go with something different you can change the color of the light by just pushing a button.

Here's how you make the lights red:
1. Plug uplight in. Wait 1-2 seconds for it to light up.
2. Press the Menu button a few times until you see "C".
3. Press the "up" or "down" keys to change through the color choices. When you get to C1 press "enter" to set the color to red.

If you want to adjust the shade of the light to get a color slightly different then the available red, you can do that by following the instructions on this page: Custom Colors

Here are some photos sent in from our customers who have used the red color setting:

St Paul's hosted its annual Cabaret featuring a "haunted broadway theme" at the Norwalk Inn in Norwalk, CT. 12 uplights set to red gave them just the look they were going for!

Lots of email questions come through asking if event lighting rentals will look better on white or black background material. No material is actually needed at all, but if you are using it to block a section of the room either black or white will work equally great. This photo is a fantastic example because they used both options. As you can see, half the photo has lighting on a black drape, while they are using a white drape in another section. This photo is from the Ft Lauderdale Fireman Hall in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Our DIY uplighting customers rented 24 uplights and set them to red to space throughout this large room.

Looking for ideas about how to transform a Knights of Columbus event hall? Try renting a few uplights for an affordable, dramatic effect! This photo is from the K of C in Danville, IL and is using just 10 lights to illuminate one of the walls red.

Jennifer from Minden Public Schools in Nebraska had this to say about renting lighting for their 2018 prom:

"The lights were amazing! I will send you pictures later today or tonight. I wish I would have know about your business when our daughter's got married! So easy to use and they were beautiful. Everyone loved them! They were such a great addition to our "Red Carpet Party" prom."

Adding a few up lights to your holiday party decor can transform your home into a festive party space. This photo is from a gorgeous home in Richmond, TX set-up with 15 uplights set to red.

7 lights were used for this wedding ceremony at the Doubletree Hilton Seaworld in Orlando, FL

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Please book as early as possible. Availability is limited. You can reserve uplights with only a $25 deposit. Fill out this form to check availability and reserve your DIY uplighting:

If your event date is available, a Rental Agreement will be automatically generated for you. Just fill it out and you'll be all set to "DIY" your event lighting!

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