ways to use uplighting

Looking to add to your event décor or to transform a boring space into something magical? 'Uplighting', one of the fast growing trends in today’s wedding industry, may be just what you’re looking for!

Up lighting is the process of strategically placing lights that project off a space or object. These lights can give a facelift to a space by hiding imperfections or adding color and lights. It can also direct attention ala spotlighting to an area or object. But more frequently, uplighting is used to add to the feeling, theme, or color scheme of an event.

Make Over an Event Space

Trying to save some money on event spaces or venues can often leave you with a blank canvas to work with. Whether it be from plain, white walls, floors, and ceilings or a lack of natural lighting, a plain room can be both a blessing and curse. With uplighting, you can have the potential for change with just a few uplighting ideas.

Take this picture from our real client, Lindsey. Her white-walled event venue had a ton of potential for creative uplighting ideas.

Transform a Boring Space with Event Lighting

Her vision was to “transform a boring white room into a purple fairytale.” By renting only 8 lights, she achieved her look by spacing out the lights at key areas of the room to highlight her head table and play off her purple paper lanterns that hung over her dance floor.

Other spaces like smaller banquet halls, church rooms, or school gyms likely will need a bit of a facelift to really take an event to the next level. Whether hiding a room’s imperfections (such as a spot in the wall or a dated fixture) or adding a bit of style with a boost of lighting, uplights can save the decorator both time, money, and energy on expensive alternatives.

This banquet hall need a bit of help before a sweet 16th birthday party. The event holders did a fantastic job bringing in balloons and uplights to go from blank to a pink, black, and white paradise. The lights themselves made the space seem larger and brighter.

Decorative Room Lighting for a Sweet 16 Party Example

A New Kind of Spotlight

Whether it be a birthday party or wedding day, everyone wants to the spotlight on them! Using up lights to do the job can be both subtle, fun, and bold.

Our LED lights can be placed near fabric and windows, around the baseboards of walls and pillars, and next to projectors or stages. For those events with large scale focal points, our lights can add a dash of color or put the focus on what really matters.

Take this wedding in an airplane hanger from one of our past clients. The bride and groom wanted to play up the two planes while also drawing attention to their head table. With our moveable stands, our lights were directed to highlight the wings and propellers of the vintage planes.

Using Par Cans as Spotlights Example

For those who are using stages or large projectors, uplighting can be used to draw attention to the center of the room and bring a very “Hollywood” vibe to the atmosphere. Lilburn Alliance Church used Do-It-Yourself Uplighting rentals to help host their leadership and idea summit. Attendees were greeted by large pillars of lights showcasing the main projection screen and stage.

Uplighting for all Events

The biggest feature of lighting is how much you get for so little: lights rentals begin at $17 each with free shipping both to you and back to us. Whether you’re adding that extra touch of blue to your under the sea charity fundraiser, highlighting a monogram on your venue’s wall, or totally transforming your formerly plain space into the perfect escape, renting up lights is a quick and easy way to light up your event without breaking the bank.

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