Wedding Monogram Gobo Light Rental

Looking to light up your wedding logo, monogram, names, or initials?

This effect is created using a 'gobo projector light' Its slightly more involved then creating an uplighting effect, but it's still an easy DIY project. does not rent gobo lights, however we do have another website which was created more for our professional clients (DJs, wedding planners, florists, lighting designers, etc), and you can get them there. The website is Pro Lighting Rental. The same company handles all the order fulfillment for both websites, so you can be assured that you'll get the same great service DIY Uplighting is known for.

Here's how to rent a custom gobo monogram light for your wedding:

1) Reserve a projector from here: Rent an image & video projector . You'll just need one (1) projector which will cost $98.

2) The tricky part is figuring out where to put the projector so everyone will be able to see your monogram or logo design. You could just set the projector on a table (cheapest way), or Pro Lighting Rental has made this easier for you by having an option for renting a stand. This is recommended to get the image high above your guests heads so your design doesn't get cut off when people stand in front. It also takes up much less space than a table. So if space is tight, or you want to make set up easy on yourself, then also rent the projector stand ($79).

3) You can send in your own design, or choose from templates. Pro Lighting Rental will make sure your design works and looks great for projection. Everything will be pre-loaded and all set for you.

Here are a couple additional resources to help you get your names in lights:

Complete guide to monogram/gobo lighting

How to setup a monogram or gobo projection

If you want to have some uplighting along with a monogram light, then there is a package which includes 12 up lights and a gobo projector.