about the affiliate program

Are you an Event Professional? Planners/Coordinators, DJs, Florists, Decorators, Venues, etc, are in the perfect position to earn a little extra revenue with the DIY Uplighting Affiliate Program. Every day you talk to potential clients and refer them to vendors that can help them with their events. Sign up to be an affiliate and you will earn a 10% commission for every client who rents lights with us.

Here's how it works:

1) Sign up with Shareasale.com. Its free and takes about 15 minutes. Sign Up

2) Grab the referral links or banners you want to use from your new ShareAsale account.

3) Tweet, Facebook, Google+, or write a blog post about event lighting and be sure to include your referral link. Here are some ideas about how to earn commissions.

4) If anybody clicks on your referral link and completes a reservation, then you get a 10% commission! We use professional tracking software which saves visitor information for up to 30 days. So even if somebody clicks over today, but doesn't actually reserve the lights until a few weeks later, you'll still get your commission.

Give us a call directly if you have any questions. We look forward to creating a mutually beneficial partnership with you!

** ShareAsale is super cool. It even tracks how many people clicked on your link, and gives you lots of other useful stats. And once you're registered, you can browse for other stuff you can be earning commissions on.

** If a client cancels, the commission is subtracted.

** It does take a few hours for clicks and sales to be recorded. (so don't panic if you click on your own referral link and the click isn't tracked right away.)

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