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If you've just recently registered for DIY Uplighting's affiliate program , you might be wondering how you are going to generate some sales and start earning those commissions. Here are some quick ideas:

Your Blog

Do you have a blog? If yes, then lucky for you - this is an easy and very effective way to start. Simply write a blog post related to event lighting, and be sure to include your special affiliate link. You can find your affiliate link in your control panel. Blog post topic ideas: "Do-It-Yourself up lighting made easy", "How lighting can make your reception look awesome", "Ways to save money on your wedding", "I found this great new resource for the DIY Bride....", etc. We'll leave the creative writing up to you. Have fun!

Social Media

Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, etc. Send your affiliate link out to your networks occasionally and then sit back and watch the sales roll in.

Your Website

Embed one of our banner ads on your site, and then earn commissions when your website visitors click on over and book lighting. Or maybe you have one of those "vendors we recommend" pages? Those web pages are great spots to add your affiliate link.

Add Lighting to Your Service List

This one takes a little more effort. If you are a DJ, florist, event planner, venue manager, etc., then how about selling decorative room lighting as a service you personally offer? This way, you can offer your clients a full-service experience. Decide on a fee to charge your clients for up lighting (we've found packages work maybe like a 16 light package, 24 light package, or whatever you decide). When your clients book you for lighting, then you would use your affiliate link to rent all the equipment you need from us at a discounted rate, receive the lights at your place of business, set the lights up at the venue, pack them back up after the event is over, and then ship them back to us. More work on your part, but you can make way more money. For example, we work with a popular wedding planner in California that sells a 30 light package to her clients for $1,200 and then rents the lights from us for $570. She has an assistant come to all her events anyway, and this assistant sets the lights up and then packs them back up at the end of the night for her. Total additional profit: $630. But! If this wedding planner signed up for the affiliate program and reserved the lights through her own link, then she would make an extra 10% or $57 more dollars, making her total profit $687. Nice!

Those are just a couple of ideas of how you can earn a little extra cash with the DIY Uplighting affiliate program.

Just remember, it's critical to use your special affiliate link. This is important because its how the tracking software identifies those visitors sales, and credits them to your account. You can find your special affiliate link in your control panel.

We're here to help you succeed. Feel free to call anytime or send along an email should you need further help or advice.

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