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Event designer Preston Bailey has said 'Lighting creates a mood'. When done well, lighting can turn your wedding venue from simple to stunning, and make everything from your flowers, cake, and decorations look better. Even your photographs and video will benefit from a little extra effort in planning your wedding lighting.

Types of Lighting

There are a couple different types of lighting effects used at weddings:

Up Lights: You can use up lighting for accent lighting (perhaps maybe just lighting up an area of a room, or pillars, or the head table, etc), or you can spread many of them out all over your venue and create a wash of color. There are two types of lights used to create the up lighting effect: Traditional par cans and LED lights. LED lights are strongly recommend because they use much less power and stay cool all night. Traditional par cans get very, very hot and use a ton of electricity. Many venues don't allow traditional par cans because they can be a fire hazard. Wherever you get the lights, make sure they are LED for best results. Rent some uplighting

More ideas on ways to use uplighting

String/Rope Lighting: Run several long strings of little LED light bulbs together to create a magical effect. Works great for tent lighting, lighting around tables, pillars, christmas trees, basically anything you can wrap strings of lights around. Extremley Labor intensive but the most economical option by far. To "DIY" this effect, you can buy the strings of lights pretty inexpensively.

Gobos: Gobos are used to project monograms, dates, or even stenciled patterns. Simple gobos can be stamped out of steel and more complex gobos can be made from glass. To get this effect, you'll need a gobo projector, the actual gobo, and something to hang the gobo projector from. Rent a gobo projector light

Pin Spot: A pin spot is a more focused beam of light. These are designed to shine directly onto an object. Pin spots are most commonly used at weddings to highlight table centerpieces, cakes and other focal points of the decor. Rent pin spots

Video Projectors: Creative uses of video projectors can add a very elegant and modern effect. You can create a moving graphic, set it to playback in a loop, and project it onto an empty wall. Video projectors can also be used to create a gobo-like effect, without the added cost of having a custom gobo made. Talk to your DJ, event designer or venue manager to set up this effect or do-it-yourself by renting one here: rent a video projector

Hire a Pro or Do-It-Yourself?

If you have the budget for it, hiring an event lighting designer can be a worthwhile expense. Especially if you are interested in pin spots , gobos , video projection, and other more specialized lighting techniques. However, if you are interested in adding just some basic accent lighting to your ceremony, or even washing your entire reception room with color, has made it very easy to save hundreds of dollars by handling the up lighting yourself. For more information on how to rent professional LED up lights that work perfect for wedding reception up lighting, visit How It Works.

Here is a video showing just how easy it is to set-up up lighting at your wedding:

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